Torrance Teachers

Ms. Michelle


Ms. Michelle provides a great example of the academic focus that Leap & Bound is known for. Her focus on communication sets up her students with lifelong skills.

Ms. Michelle keeps her class organized and regimented to make sure the lessons are really taken in. Ms. Michelle has over twnety-five (25) years of experience, plenty enough to see her students grow and mature, and to see the impacts of different teaching styles.

Ms. Michelle loves getting feedback from parents. She also tries to learn directly from her students.

Ms. Michelle is always thinking about each child’s future, and how her work today can make the best difference in their lives.

Ms. Shama


Ms. Shama is very friendly, nurturing, and takes pride in fostering trust.

Ms. Shama knows what parents need in order to feel comfortable leaving their children in her care. That’s not the curriculum, but the confidence that comes from ten (10) years of experience.

She focuses her class by teaching art and writing, but sometimes she just sits and talks with her students if that’s what they need.

If you ever watched Ms. Shama’s class, you would hear a lot of names; she rarely addresses the class as a group and instead gives everyone individual attention.

In her spare time, Ms. Shama enjoys gardening and reading.

Ms. Kathy


The bright smile as a kid realizes something incredible about the world is Ms. Kathy’s favorite event to witness as a teacher. Teaching has been Ms. Kathy’s dream job ever since the age of eight (8) – So a teacher Ms. Kathy became.

It was no simple task – having her own family as she completed college. Ms. Kathy drew strength from her own supportive teachers and from her family during the tough times.

LBA wasn’t her first stop. Over her twenty-nine (29) years of teaching (with some breaks in there for the family) Ms. Kathy has taught kindergarten, where she first realized her love for younger children. After that she went on to teach for three years in a preschool class of mostly Autistic students. And eventually…she ended up at LBA!

Ms. Kathy’s favorite thing about LBA is meeting the wonderful families who attend and enjoying the support and camaraderie of the staff. Whenever the going gets tough, Ms. Kathy knows she has people she can count on – she remembers why she loves her job as she sees the bright smile of a child learning something new.

Ms. Aniece


Ms. Aniece became a teacher because of her love of taking care of children. The most rewarding part of teaching for Ms. Aniece is helping the children become comfortable with school and knowing that what she is teaching will become useful in their everyday lives.  Ms. Aniece enjoys letting the children explore their creativity through various painting projects.

Ms. Mitra


Ms. Mitra has been teaching since 2008 in all different parts of the world, from Iran to Germany to the United States, but one thing that has never changed throughout her travels is her love and passion for childcare.

Ms. Mitra has always loved kids, and when she was in high school she volunteered over the summer to tutor elementary-school aged children who were struggling with their core classes. She loves the curious nature of young children and finds it most rewarding when her students learn a new concept and repeat it back to her.

Ms. Mitra appreciates LBA because its core values align with her own, and she greatly values the strong connections she has formed with her co-workers and LBA parents. In the classroom, Ms. Mitra believes that her toddler-age students learn best with sensory activities, saying “I don’t like making them sit down while I point at a board and say ‘A, B, C’. I like playing, and music, and coloring in the classroom.”

During her lunch hour, Ms. Mitra always goes out to take walks so she can stay active and energized. She loves exercising, as well as reading, watching movies, and cooking for her sons at home.

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