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This preschool is more than a daycare; our educators are all qualified preschool teachers with at least 12 units of Early Childhood Education training. Leap & Bound Academy is a leading choice for families who are looking for a preschool with a strong academic program. We give our students an upper hand entering grade school by teaching math and language at an early age: Our 4-year-old classes learn from a Kindergarten workbook, and our Kindergarten classes use a 1st grade book. Our curriculum also includes science, art, and music, with a focus on vocabulary and communication skills. All lessons are from our fun-based learning philosophy that really engages with the students. Our motto is “Safe, fun, learn!”


We cater to each individual’s pace and needs by customizing lessons to what each child is ready for rather than their age. This keeps the children motivated and wanting to learn. Our phonics program teaches every relevant skill – reading, articulation, vocabulary – through blending. We’ll teach your child to phonetically blend words rather than just memorize them. Parents every year praise how quickly their children can read. “Leap and Bound had a magical way of instilling old school reading, writing and arithmetic skills in my child much earlier than I ever anticipated. Today she continues to excel in school and has a grand love of reading.” said Gabrielle Dupree-Fogle. Starting this early avoids the stressful rush to “catch up” that children often feel at the beginning of elementary school. Even students in our toddler classes typically know most of the alphabet within a few months. Our lesson plans teach writing as a step by step process, not only teaching them how to write letters (uppercase and lowercase) but also their names, numbers and correct penmanship. Writing time is also incorporated in many activities throughout the day to make practicing enjoyable. We use a variety of methods to teach math in a fun and creative way. We focus on forward counting, backward counting, skip counting and when ready, addition and subtraction.


If you’ve had a child long enough to be considering preschool, you know that they’ll put their hands on anything they can. That’s because touch is an important learning tool. Young children use touch to discover, explore, and understand the world around them. While we do of course teach manners and respect, we also know that fighting every harmless impulse is an uphill battle, so instead of insisting that children have “quiet hands” we direct their energy to something in which they can be safe, have fun, and learn.

To make the Leap & Bound facility feel like home, we involve the students in the decoration. Each class makes creative, handcrafted pictures to post on bulletin boards throughout the facility, as well as in the classrooms, to give your child a sense of pride in their work. The bulletin boards become the centerpieces of the interior decoration until the monthly reset when the child artists get to take home their contributions.


Leap & Bound students get frequent opportunities to interact with their peers. During monitored play time, your child will learn how to make friends, be confident, get along with others, and explore their sense of self. During teacher-led activities such as games and exercises, your child will learn how to take turns, be respectful, compromise with others, and explore their creativity. Social development is a learning experience just like academic skills, so why not give your kid a head-start?


In child development, lessons in art are just as important as math and language. Music is not just a performance for a child audience; the children are included as active participants. Our music and art projects reinforce math and language lessons, and also encourage children to develop motor skills, creativity, and decision-making.

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