(Newborns to 24 months)


LBA’s Infant program provides a nurturing environment for babies and young toddlers.  We focus on a very low student/adult ratio so that your child can explore and experience the classroom safely.  We follow your child’s schedule which allows each child to play as they choose.  Each child’s rest time, likewise, is open-ended so that they can sleep for as long as they want.

Young toddler finger painting
Art project using finger paints
Non crawling infant observing a floor mobile.


At LBA, you are in control of your child’s daily plan.  Initially and then quarterly thereafter, we meet with you to develop a plan for what and when your child eats,  when you would like for your child to nap, as well as diapering aspects and potty training goals.

While babies rest in cribs,  young toddlers will be slowly introduced to preschool napping mats to prepare them for graduation into the two year old preschool environment.  Your child sleeps on a clean sheet which is changed each day.

The infant room is equipped with soft blocks, rolling toys, puzzles, age-appropriate tables, and padded climbing items for the children to play and the instructors also provide arts and crafts, circle time, and song time as well.

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