Where Learning & Fun Come Together As One!

Ages 4-7
Dates: 7/3 – 8/21
Hello parents!

Our S.T.E.A.M. summer program is back! 🤩

We will be doing an eight week course with a different theme each week. There will be two main activities each week with classwork, educational videos, etc..
Please feel free to share the different themed weeks with your children but please DO NOT tell your children what the main activities will be as we would like to keep them surprised and excited.

Calling all curious minds and adventurous spirits! This summer, we at Leap & Bound Academy invite you to join us on a journey of exploration, discovery, and creativity. Get ready for a thrilling ride through a variety of engaging themes and activities each week.

During Animals & Nature Week, you’ll delve into the fascinating world of animal adaptations and even build an air plant terrarium that you can nurture at home. Discover the amazing ways creatures adapt to their environment and become stewards of your own miniature ecosystem.

2. **ART WEEK**
Let your creativity shine during Art Week! You’ll get to tie-dye your very own S.T.E.A.M. shirt, explore the artistry of legends like Van Gogh, create a Pollock-inspired masterpiece, and participate in an exhilarating color-powder event. The world is your canvas this week!

3. **FOOD WEEK**
Calling all junior chefs for Food Week! Prepare plant-based cuisine, make your own s’mores in a solar oven, and concoct delightful fruit smoothies. Let’s explore the exciting world of culinary arts together and delight our taste buds with healthy, delicious creations.

In Music Week, immerse yourself in a world of rhythm and beats. From the piano to the theremin, explore various musical instruments and create some of your own. You’ll also get hands-on experience making foley sounds for animated movies.

During Influential People Week, be inspired by the movers and shakers of today and yesteryear. Learn about young leaders making an impact around the globe and historical figures like Einstein and Newton. Create a mini book of leaders to inspire you and learn about alternative communication methods, like Braille.

Prepare for a tech-filled journey in Robotics and Electronics Week. Discover the mechanics behind robots, engage with Lego robotics and Wonder robots, and even build your own balance bot. We’ll also craft light-up paper circuits, fusing art and technology.

Dive into Shark Week with experiments on how sharks swim and float. Craft your own shark fin hat, make shark fin mini soap bars, and design a fossilized shark tooth necklace, capturing the thrill of the ocean.

Finally, brace yourself for Extreme Conditions Week. Simulate tsunamis and earthquakes, engineer resilient structures, and experience the explosive power of volcanoes. Let’s explore the awe-inspiring forces of nature together!



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