Transitional Kindergarten
(Age 4)


Four (4) years old and already reading? Yes, it’s true. At LBA, our students are leaps and bounds ahead. One program that we are especially proud of is our independent reading program. Four-year-old students at LBA are learning to read – and love it.

Our students get to read books full of pictures and fun! (Ever heard of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Or Clifford the Big Red Dog?).

We want the best for our students, and we want to give them a head start on essential skills such as reading. So at Leap and Bound Academy, don’t be surprised if you hear your four-year-old reading to you!


The two-year-old child picks up a pen and draws beautiful scribbles.

The three-year-old child learns to trace and write their name.

With those skills already under their belt, the four-year-old learns to write their own ideas.

Yup, you read that right. Four-year-old students at LBA are writing their own sentences. They’re ready to leap ahead toward a successful future!


Each of the three (3) Leap & Bound facilities has a garden for children to plant their own fruits and vegetables. Gardening is a fun and interactive way to learn where food comes from and to appreciate the environment. Our gardens are also used to make fresh food, by picking fruits or vegetables and serving them ripe the same day. Visit the “Meals” section to learn more about Leap & Bound Academy’s fresh lunches.


We don’t want the learning to stop at the door – Our mission is to create lifelong students who can learn on their own. At the age of four (4) we prepare our students for what’s to come by sending home some fun and easy work that teaches our students to love learning. We want your student to succeed, so we do our best to start good habits early.

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