No Flies Here — Just Swatter Paint!

No Flies Here — Just Swatter Paint!

It’s already the first day of June! The warm summer months are fast approaching, and we all know that with warm weather comes the familiar buzzing of flies. But for the time being it’s still a little cloudy in the South Bay and Ms. Djoni’s class put their fly swatters to use in a more creative way: painting!

Ms. Djoni wanted to find an artistic activity that would keep her two-year-old toddler class engaged and active. She unrolled a huge sheet of white butcher paper and added drops of colorful, non-toxic paint to the entire paper. If you do this craft with your kids at home you can opt to put the paint in paper plates. With a group of energetic toddlers, Ms. Djoni just didn’t want to take any chances of the kids getting paint all over their clothes! After seating the class around the paper and passing out colorful swatters in fun shapes like butterflies and hearts, the kids were ready to go!

We were all impressed by how vivid the colors looked on the paper! The kids mixed warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows while also combining cool colors like blues and greens to create a visually impressive art piece! Can we put this up at the Getty?

Ms. Djoni deserves all the credit for showing her students this cool art idea while somehow making sure none of the kids got splatters of paint on their clothes! We highly recommend this craft during the summer months so your kids can create a colorful masterpiece of their own (and keep some flies away if needed)!

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