Disney All Day!

Disney All Day!

Summer is here, but LBA’s 2017-18 class of kindergarteners weren’t ready to part ways just yet. Before they said goodbye to LBA and looked ahead to their new schools and the prospects of first grade, we organized one final trip for our kindergarteners and their families. What better lasting memory to have of kindergarten than a trip to Disneyland?!

All of our kindergarteners brought their parents and families to spend the day at the Disneyland park, which was all decorated for the new Pixar Fest takeover. We met up at the front entrance at the start of the day for a group picture (finding everyone in the crowd was made easier thanks to our neon green LBA t-shirts!), and then it was off to explore the park!

Ms. Diana and her kindergarteners are ready for the day!
Ready to find Mickey!

It’s no secret that Disneyland rides have some of the longest wait times of any theme park, but with the help of Fast Passes and strategizing parents, we hit some of the park’s most famous rides! Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones were crowd favorites. Pro Tip from LBA Parents: Get a Fast Pass right away and then go find a less-crowded activity while you wait for your time slot! We sailed across the river to Tom Sawyer’s Island and the kids got to run around and explore. By the time we got back to the mainland, our Indiana Jones Fast Pass was ready and we breezed through the 65 minute line!

The kids loved running across the island’s swinging rope bridge
Climbing Tom’s tree!

By noon, it was turning into a pretty sweltering summer day in Anaheim. The kids kept cool with frozen Gatorade bottles and we found shade under the trees scattered around the front yard of the Haunted Mansion while waiting in line. Some of the kids were hesitant to enter the classic haunted house, but everyone smiled when we got inside – there was air conditioning!

All in all, it turned out to be an action-packed Disneyland trip full of memories that our outgoing kindergarteners won’t soon forget… but then again, how could it not be a great day when you’re at the happiest place on Earth? Best of luck to our exiting kindergarteners as they begin their elementary school journey: we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that lie ahead for you!

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