Cannonball! Summer Splash Days are Back!

Cannonball! Summer Splash Days are Back!

It’s mid July – the heart of summer – and LBA kids know exactly what that means. It’s time for summer Splash Days! Today our students got dropped off in the morning packed and ready for a day of water fun: bathing suits, beach towels, sunscreen, and a dry change of clothes. In the sunny yard of our Medical Center location, we filled up plastic pools with water and set the kids loose to play — which is when the name “Splash Day” really became apparent. The LBA preschoolers splashed EVERYWHERE. Some lounged in the pool like a bathtub, while other kids really channeled their creativity and tried to set up a makeshift waterslide.

An impressive number of kids would fit themselves into each pool and then sit together in the water as if they were holding an important conference.

Suddenly, a shower of water flew through the air and the kids started shrieking with laughter. Ms. Taregus had turned on the hose and was shooting water up into the air for the preschoolers to run through. The kids could not have been happier – they ran all over the yard, dodging the water blasts from the hose and splashing through the pools.

Seriously, the kids could not have been more excited if it were Christmas morning.

Screaming, running around, and splashing in the water takes a lot of energy for a preschooler. Soon enough, the kids started returning to the dry land and wrapping themselves in their warm towels. A handful of kids laid their towels out in a sunny spot and started working on their tan!

Splash Days are a common summer occurrence at all three of our LBA locations, because we know sometimes the best activity for a hot, sunny day is to go outside and get wet! Laughing, screaming, and running around in the water gets all the kids’ energy out in the morning so that after nap-time they’re rested and ready for classroom activities! So keep your sunglasses on and your towels nearby, because you never know when you’re going to get splashed at LBA!

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